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Worlds of a CodeJam

By |25. June 2019|Categories: Blog, ERP, Events, Events, Expert Blog, SAP-Community|

A CodeJam has always been a challenge for participants. I learned this a few days ago when Ingo Bräuninger lectured at a Codejam event that took place on 10.05.2019, regarding the “ABAP Restful Programming Model”.

Ingo Bräuninger is an old hand in the SAP business and knows exactly how the old world is ticking and how the new world works. He makes that clear in an impressive way. [ Mehr… ]

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Unit tests 3/3: How to implement unit tests in ABAP?

By |13. June 2019|Categories: Blog, Blog, ERP, Expert Blog, Experts|

In the third blog post in the Unit Tests series, our developers Max and Basti, use a sample tutorial to demonstrate the implementation of unit tests. They use the Eclipse development environment and follow the test-driven development approach.

The first step to implement unit tests in ABAP is to create a global class. [ Mehr… ]

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